Adidas Zero - adizero LAB / Miniskirt - (2011) :90 (Japan)

In the adizero LAB they're putting these speedy sneakers to the test, one of them being how high can it make a woman's miniskirt fly when you run past. These things are important to know, people. It's all very scientific.

Creative Agency: TBWA\Hakuhodo\Japan Client: adidas Japan K.K. Executive Creative Director: Kazoo Sato Associate Creative Director(s): Hideyuki Tanaka Art Director(s): Katsuhiro Shimizu Copywriter(s): Masaharu Kumagai Digital: Kaname Aratame AE: Taro Sato Production: Aoi Advertising Promotion Inc. Producer: Shunsuke Nakamura Production Manager: Keiji Komatsu Director: Yuichi Kodama Music: GRAND FUNK
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That's what happens when you hire adpeople before they've sexually matured.

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Only in Japan. And perhaps the US.

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Still, it's one of the highest viewed this week so it's got the whole "sex sells" going for it.

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Could be because i labelled it "upskirt", so it's got the whole porn-googler thing going for it.

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I going to alter my jogging route to go past the Catholic Girls School!

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That was me, sorry, I forgot to log in.

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Haha. Don't forget to wear your tight seventies/eighties shorts and thick glasses.

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erm, she's not wearing a mini skirt...

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Pop quiz! What are the mannequins wearing?

Take your time. I'll wait.

No I won't. Bored now.