Advil takes care of the day's pain even when it's night and you're asleep. Camera work shows our dude in question is a construction worker. Just once I wish it would be something other than a construction worker. They own all the pain commercials and truck commercials. There could have been a Lucha Libre mask, or something. Just sayin'...

Executive Creative Director- Art: Rob Perillo
Executive Creative Director- Copy: Rob Lenois
Art Director: Ronney Chong
Copywriter: Katie Riddle
VP Producer:Tracy Dennis
Business Manager: Lisa Johnson
Account Director:Andy Ball
SVP, Account Director: Brett Banker
Account Supervisor: Stephanie Haugen-Ray
Assistant Account Executive: Joey Smilgiewicz

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Todd Field
Partner: Patrick Milling Smith
Partner: Brian Carmody
COO: Lisa Rich
Bidding Producer: Shannon Jones
Head Of Production: Andrew Colon
Line Producer: Paula Cohen

VFX: MassMarket
Executive Producer: Louisa Cartwright
Producer: Daniel Cohen
2D Supervisor: Tom Leckie
Compositors: Tom Leckie, Claire Pereira De Souza, Ting Jung Hsu
CG Team: Andrew Cohen, Julien Brami
Design: Michael Dwyer, Corran Brownlee, Thomas Heckel

Editorial Company: Vision Post
Editor:Micah Scarpelli
Producer: Celines Cordero


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