Brand New School Opens Twentieth Anniversary AICP Show, Debuts Historical Interactive Installation at New York's Museum of Modern Art

NEW YORK - June 6, 2011 - The artists and producers from international production company and design studio Brand New School (BNS, are very proud to announce their role in designing and producing several key artistic elements debuting June 7 at the 2011 AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Commercial. The annual program, hosted by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP), premieres each year at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), before travelling on to high-profile venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, and Richmond over the weeks to come.

For 2011, BNS art director Christopher Palazzo and his colleagues created the show graphics packaging for this year's 20th anniversary AICP Show, while developing and programming the thematically related, 40-foot interactive installation set to debut in MoMA's Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden at the June 7 event.

"Since this is the 20th anniversary AICP Show, we thought it would be fun to highlight some of the best moments throughout the years," Palazzo began. "After spending just ten minutes in the footage archives, it was clear that we needed the graphic design of the package to take a back seat to the 20 years of seminal content. We wanted to remind people of these achievements, framing it through a design that -- like the content itself -- broke some rules but felt very modern."

For the rich media installation, BNS developed a proprietary machine-vision application, programmed by its very own School of Interactive Media (BNS/SIM) interactive director Justin Bakse, along with lead developer Greg Schomburg and others. The installation instantly delivers excerpts from hundreds of AICP archive spots to all who approach it. "The wall presents an animated attract loop that spans the full canvas of 40 displays," said Bakse. "As guests walk up to the installation, individual monitors near them display reels showing iconic AICP Show moments from each year."

The display system for the interactive installation designed and fabricated by McCann Systems of Edison, NJ, features the award-winning Christie(R) MicroTiles(TM) from Christie Digital Systems USA. This is the second year that these two cutting edge companies have joined forces using the MicroTiles System to showcase work for AICP and the advertising industry at MoMA.

"A benchmark year like the 20th anniversary of the AICP Show is bringing out the very best in everyone, as evidenced in the submissions and honorees for this year's Show and Next Awards. The enthusiasm at this time in our industry, with all of the possibilities on the horizon, gives the perfect opportunity to take a moment to reflect on the evolving craft of the motion image in marketing communications," said Matt Miller, AICP President and CEO. "Watching the creations of BNS come together over the last months for this year's titles, and experiencing the interactive installation, is a dream-come-true for those of us who love and honor American Commercials, and the AICP Shows. These works of art from BNS are wonderful tributes to everything the AICP represents, and their collaboration with McCann Systems continues to be an amazing experience."

At the BNS studio in New York, Palazzo and editor Eli Marvos artfully drew from the AICP Archives to create poignant, entertaining sequences using Final Cut Pro, while designers Freddy Arenas, Scott Balles and other artists created original graphics and animation using Adobe Creative Suite and After Effects.

"The guys at Sacred Noise came through with an incredible custom track for the open," Palazzo said. "They loved what we were up to. It's great when people can meet on the same turf and create amazing results."

After tomorrow night, the BNS/SIM interactive installation will travel on to select AICP Show venues. Also worth noting, last year BNS designed the visual identity system and presentation graphics for the Next Awards, a featured presentation of the AICP Show honoring and examining the best in marketing communications, while also earning top honors in the Next Awards Experiential category for their innovative project promoting Monday Night Football on ESPN.

In addition to Palazzo, Bakse, Schomburg, Arenas and Balles, credits for BNS also include founder and executive creative director Jonathan Notaro, managing director Danny Rosenbloom, executive producers Devin Brook and Jason Cohon, producers Madison Brigode and Joe Balint, animators Hye Sung Park and Raymo Ventura, and production coordinator Zoe Beyer.

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Project Name: 2011 AICP Show Open Debut Date: June 7, 2011 at the Premiere of the 2011 AICP Show Additional Information: Client: Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) President/CEO: Matt Miller Production Company: Brand New School Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro Managing Director: Danny Rosenbloom Executive Producers: Devin Brook, Jason Cohon Art Director: Chris Palazzo Designers: Freddy Arenas, Scott Balles Animators: Freddy Arenas, Scott Balles, Hye Sung Park, Raymo Ventura Editor: Eli Marvos Producer: Madison Brigode Production Coordinator: Zoe Beyer Original Music: Sacred Noise

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