Nobody seems to talk about AIDS any more. This makes AIDS unhappy, so AIDS joined all the social media channels available. He created a facebook, an Instagram. He joined Twitter and followed everyone in France. AIDS updated, hashtagged, DM:ed, tweeted, Facebooked, commented, liked, and poked.
AIDS is like real, omnipresent and cynical character that it is still around and can affect you at any moment, everywhere you go. People meet on Tinder and Grindr ? AIDS is checked-in everywhere too. Twitter users want more followers? AIDS follows everyone. You all share your life stories on Facebook ? So does AIDS. Want to show something on Instagram? Good, because AIDS goes to the same bars as you. You're proud of your carreer on Linkedin ? Imagine a 32 million victims serial killer's resume. AIDS actually went viral, online - to remind everyone that what we really want is to make him shut up.

Advertised brand : AIDES Advert title : I, AIDS. Advertising Agency : WNP City, Country : Paris, France Agency website: CEO WNP agency : Eric Delannoy Digital Creative Director : Delphine Tabutin Digital Creative Director: Marion Thiery Art Director : Delphine Tabutin / Eleonore Renou Copywriter : Marion Thiery Photographer : Eleonore Reno Production : WNP Studio Director : Gautier Billotte Sound : Chez Jean / CaleSon Published: June 2015