Case study time. Problem: Lots of non Japanese-speaking tourists visit Japan every year. One of the top three souvenirs they purchase is make up. How do you ensure they get the right product?
Through facial recognition technology. Apparently the interactive billboard can tell you are not from Japan and detect your language of preference.

Client: AINZ AND TULIPE Agency: Advertising Agency: dentsu, Tokyo, Japan Creative Director/Planner :Reietsu Hashimoto Copywriter/Planner :Subaru Matsukura General Producer :Daima Kawamura Producer :Nozomu Naito, Mitsuaki Hongyo Production Maneger :Ayumi Matsumoto Interactive Director :Roy Ryo Tsukiji Technical Director: Takeru Kobayashi Director :Yoichi Kanazawa Art Director :Junya Hoshikawa Designer :Ryota Mishima Device Engineer / Programmer :Yohei Kajihara Programmer :Shudai Matsumoto Web Developer :Koumei Sato Web Developer :Takashi Tsushima Set :Kiyoharu Mitsui Beauty Director / Makeup Artist :Kazuko Hayasaka Writer :Yuka Hashimoto Director of photography :Yosuke Nakajima Stylist :Maki Takeda PR :Shingo Hiraoka PR :Ryo Nakagawa Account Excictive :Koji Makino Account Excictive :Nanae Suzuki Client Supervisor :Kaori Ishikawa Production : puzzle inc./BIRDMAN inc.

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    True insight. I bought tons of makeup when I was in Japan, I would have loved this interactive idea. Very clever. Wonder if it would have printed my coupon in Swedish?

    Aug 12, 2015

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