Air France Music is known and renowned for its exclusive musical selections. As suitable for an airline company, they are now inviting music lovers to turns their heads towards the sky with the new iPhone application “Music in the Sky”, designed by Air France's agency BETC. In the clouds, all over the world are songs hidden, which you can grab for free and add to your playlists in an instant. The more you travel, the more music you'll find. Isn't that nice? That fresh indie band song you just downloaded for free only cost you a trip to Brazil.

BETC Music is Isabelle Tardieu, Christophe Caurret and Fabrice Brovelli. ANNONCEUR : AIR FRANCE RESPONSABLES ANNONCEUR Christine Micouleau Caroline Fontaine Catherine Masson AGENCE : BETC – BETC DIGITAL RESPONSABLES BETC Valérie Albou Tiphaine du Plessis Valentin Beck RESPONSABLES BETC MUSIC Fabrice Brovelli Christophe Caurret Isabelle Tardieu DIRECTEUR DE CRÉATION : Florence Bellisson DIRECTEURS ARTISTIQUES : Sébastien Partika, Esteban Lebouc, Alexandre Saad CONCEPTEURS RÉDACTEUR : Edouard Olhagaray, Guillaume Rebbot PLANNING STRATÉGIQUE : Sébastien Houdusse CHEFS DE PROJET TECHNIQUES : Alain N’guyen, Benjamin Vergne WEB DESIGNER : Bernard Quarante PRODUCTION FILM DE PRESENTATION : Guillaume Didier Wild Box Productions PREMIÈRE DIFFUSION : Application en ligne sur l’AppStore le 14 novembre 2012

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