This spot for Alaska airlines features Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson doing drills with the Alaska Airlines employees. Presumably because the Seattle Seahawks are the closest football team to Alaska. They're trying really hard to make the employees look like they're up to par and can 'compete' with other airlines, but all the spot does is make them look silly.

Alaska Air Group Halle Hutchison, Managing Director, Brand Marketing Rochelle Bergstrom, Manager, Advertising Jenna Beardsley-Smith, Principal, Linksmith Brand Consulting Agency: WONGDOODY Tracy Wong, Executive Creative Director John Schofield, Creative Director Adam Deer, Art Director Tim Koehler, Copywriter Peter Trueblood, Copywriter Leigh Eckert, Agency Producer Kristie Christensen, Account Director Brooke Salisbury, Project Manager James Whittington, Compositor Production Company: Station Film Justin Reardon, Director Caroline Gibney, Executive Producer/Partner Angela Jones, Line Producer David Lanzenberg, Director of Photography Audio Post: HEARby Sound John Buroker, Engineer/Sound Designer Nannette Buroker, Executive Producer Video Post: World Famous Andy Seaver, Editor Christopher Harrell, Designer Megan Ball, Executive Producer Nick Hegge, Head of Production Carrine Fisher, Producer Color/Finishing Lightpress Jeff Tilostson, Colorist Shane Dillon, Finishing Amanda Kay Helmick, Producer

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