Aaaah, Australia, where the summer surf is on when Santa comes to town. Why not have a commercial filled with only surfing Santa's?

White Christmas escapees and joint BMF Executive Creative Directors Carlos Alija and Laura Sampdero, said; “A lot of Australians think the European Christmas is special, more magical. But trust us. The grass is not greener. It’s actually buried under an inch of ice. Australians have the best Christmas in the world and we wanted to celebrate that by creating a new icon: the Surfing Santa”.

ALDI said: “For too long it's been reindeers this, and White Christmas that. We thought it was about time that we celebrated Christmas Australian-style and we hope that our customers enjoy watching this ad as much as we enjoyed making it”.

It's brilliant. Did that ham get extra-salty in the water?

Creative Agency: BMF Client: ALDI Media Agency: Maxus Production Co: Revolver Director: The Glue Society (James Dive) Post Production: The Editors