Ad agency smoyz explains: "We placed a sign, with a bell in the middle of busy street.
...The sign instructed people to take a pic of their shoes, upload it to Instagram, hashtag #ALDO and add their shoe size…"

..and then what happens? They get surprise shoes delivered! What a score for any shoe-loving lady. I have a bit of beef with this idea though, first off we really don't need to flood instagram with any more images of shoes, dear god there's plenty already. Make it stop! Second, what if the ladies are wearing tattered old rubbish shoes? That'll show up on Instagram branded as Aldo shoes. Hmmm.

While I do like engaging people with the bell-poster, I don't think we can call this the worlds first instagram poster. It's not a poster on instagram, it's a guerilla stunt. OOH is OOH either way. Also, dangit I wish I had seen this poster, I could totally go for another pair of Aldo platform sandals.

Advertising Agency: Name, City, Country: smoyz, Tel Aviv, Israel. Agency website: Creative Director: Yael Linen-Zuchman Art Director: Liza Fomichov Copywriter: Niko watts Client manager: Liron Bashan Project managers: Michal Hanan, Maayan Elbogen production: Natalie Wiesman, Published: Month, Year October, 2012

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