Charlex showed off the full range of its production and post-production capabilities recently with a lively spot for all® Laundry Detergent via Merkley + Partners. The :30 promotes the new Mighty Pac liquid product by all®, taking the viewer through a splashy visual timeline displaying the company's historic line-up of products. Fluid simulations, particle effects and shape animation form the front-end of the commercial.

"This spot had a lot of moving parts," noted Charlex CD Dade Orgeron. "We did everything, from live-action to CG to dozens of VFX and compositing techniques. It was a great case study in how Charlex can produce turnkey solutions for agencies, all the way from concept to completion, all under one roof."

Charlex ECD/Director Ryan Dunn shot the live-action, and worked with Orgeron on the initial pitch. "Dade and I were on the same page early on for how we wanted this spot to look, feel and move. I wanted to make sure that the live-action element blended seamlessly with the opening sequence as well as blend into the product demo. Good planning and smart communication made for a very seamless workflow on all sides of the production."

The agency initially approached Charlex with a sequence that unveiled the products nesting-doll style; Charlex took that idea and put a high-energy spin on it. "The agency creatives really appreciated our take on the evolution of these products up front," said Orgeron. "We also made these really detailed storyboards in addition to our CG styleframes, both of which gave the team at Merkley a good amount of confidence that we could collaborate with them to bring this complex commercial to life."

Client: all® Spot Title: all® Mighty Pacs TV Air Date: March 2012 Agency: Merkley + Partners CEO/Partner: Alex Gellert Executive Creative Director/Partner: Andy Hirsch Creative Group Head: Abi Aron Creative Group Head: Aaron Eiseman Director, Broadcast Production: Gary Grossman Producer: Scott Mushinskie Broadcast Business Manager: Pat Milo Talent Manager: Nicole Russo Group Account Director: Diane Hernandez Account Director: Beth Miller Account Executive: Jennifer Shinn Assistant Account Executive: Katie Lamphier Production Company: Charlex Director: Ryan Dunn Assistant Director: Matt O'Shea DP: Pete Konczal Art Director: Edmund Levine Director's Assistant: Drew Weigel Post Production Company: Charlex Creative Director: Dade Orgeron VFX Supervisor: Steve Chiarello Senior Producer: Christine DoRego Senior Smoke Editor: John Zawisha Lead Flame Compositor: Marc Goldfine Senior Designer: Chisa Yagi Lead Modeler: Hung Kit Ma Lead Animator: Tony Tabtong Animators: Yun Cho, Ken Music, Daniel Speck Lead Rigger: Steve Mann Rigger: Andre Stuppert Lead Lighter: James Fisher Lighters: Will Atkin, Frank Grecco, Alex Scollay, John Volny 3D Effects: Daniel Mao, Oliver Weingarten CG Supervisor: Salar Salehisor: Salar Saleh Fluid Effects Specialists: Fusion CI Studios

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