Oh no, he only has less than 30 minutes left of his favourite show.... He might get stuck in a showhole. Fear not, with Amazon Fire TV that will never happen.
Love the couch eating him up, that's pretty nicely done.

Amazon Fire TV #Showhole AGENCY: WONGDOODY Chairman, ECD: Tracy Wong CD: Adam Nowak ACD, Art Director: Mishy Cass ACD, Copywriter: Matt McCain Senior Producer: Nikki Castillo Group Account Director: Megan Meagher Account Director: Erin Billmaier CLIENT: AMAZON Executive Creative Director: Michael Boychuk Senior Marketing Manager: Augie Gramaglia PRODUCTION COMPANY: Dummy Director: Michael Illick DP: James Whitaker Executive Producer: Eric Liney Producer: Paul Manix POST: Whitehouse Post Editor of “Showhole Couple": Corky DeVault Editor of “Showhole Stuck": Brian Gannon Producer: Jennifer Mersis Head of Production: Joanna Manning Executive Producer: Joni Williamson VFX: Carbon VFX Executive Producer: Matt McManus AUDIO: Clatter & Din Engineer: Sam Gray COLOR: Company 3 Senior Colorist: Sean Coleman TALENT: VO: Malcolm McDowell “Stuck” Stuck Man: Kwame Boateng