American Eagle / AE - Nth Degree - Live Your Life (2006) :30 (USA)


American Eagle / AE - Nth Degree - Live Your Life (2006) :30 (USA)

Warning: Lots and lots of mega-mega-motion in this spot, so we beefed up the file size to better handle the on-screen antics.

Music: Morningwood - Nth Degree



Ok -prize of A Life given to whoever can accurately count ( to the nearest million, perhaps?) the number of ad campaigns that have used "live your life" or some variation on that line, as a sign off.

Am I the only one fed up with being told that every moment I'm not crowd surfing at a rock gig, or having sex, or elaborately tricking men into thinking I'm going to have sex with them and then in an "empowering" finale NOT having sex with them, I'm not "living my life"?

Although, come to think of it, that does about cover 78% of my time, as I rarely sleep, never have to get the plumber in to fix my leaky toilet and am way too cool to sit on my arse watching TV, eating snacks covered in cheese dust, with the highlight of my week beiong the day that there's cold pizza left over for breakfast.

Must dash, there's LIFE to be LIVED.

Uh-oh! Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

hahaha! It's definitely one of those overused concepts...sits near the bucket of "your life is not like anyone elses" concepts which drive me batty. Don't tell me I'm unique, show me now your product lets me do whatever I want.

like watching a seizure.

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