American Society of Media Photographers (ASMPNY) say "Don't Screw Us"


American Society of Media Photographers (ASMPNY) say "Don't Screw Us"

"If you're an artist you should protect your work" says some anonymous guy in this ad, because of course we should all wear oak barrels around our body to protect us from pickpockets, it's up to us to protect from wrongdoers. Yeah? No. If you do disable right-click on your portfolio site, people will complain, if you add DRM people will scream, and if you don't people will pass your copyrighted works on like Wil Wheaton just experienced. It is indeed a complicated issue, as in damned if you do and damned if you don't.

“We were asked to come up with an entertaining way to draw attention to a complicated subject in the new digital world.” said Bernard Urban, President and Creative Director of Gigantic, “I think this work does an awesome job of doing that.”

Check http://www.dontscrewus.org for more.
The campaign includes a microsite, Twitter stream @dontscrewus and a YouTube Channel featuring a video directed and edited by Greg Olliver of Secret Weapon Films.

The campaign, intended for a young media and communications audience that includes, art directors, designers, art buyers and editors, approaches the subject in a confrontational way, but still manages a humorous tone. “We didn’t want the tenor to be preachy,” said Urban, “we were certain to avoid taking that route, which is an easy thing to do with a complex subject like this.”
When asked about the project, Stephen Mallon, President of the New York chapter of ASMP, declared, “I am ecstatic with the look and outcome of the work.”

Creative Director: Bernard Urban
Copywriter: Andrew Payton
Graphic Design: Omar Mrva
Programming: John Rito
Flash Programming/Design: Kelly Bray
Producer: Greg Olliver
Director/DP: Greg Olliver
Editor: Greg Olliver
Camera: Karim Raoul


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