I actually saw when this was happening, live, and am a little surprised I wasn't caught on camera as I passed by since I was gawking at that wall for some time watching the bars "unlock" around the big screen. Guantanamo has existed for ten years, and some people have been there for just as long, so Amnesty collected signatures on ipads around Stureplan in Stockholm, which then unlocked the bars from the prisoner on the big ad screen.

This, and the smaller Amnesty campaign idea of the Amnesty wallpaper "bars" and chain will be going to compete in the Cannes Lions awards. It's already won a webby award, but is it good enough for Cannes Lions Good? The event at Grand Central Station New York for Human Rights Watch where pens used to sign with were the actual bars that caged people didn't win, but then agan reaching that shortlist is a win in itself as everything is quite good on it. Godspeed all contenders!

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