This spot for Amnesty International demonstrates the power the pen has over the sword. It's a full CG film, too. Very nice graphics.

Client - Amnesty International Agency - TBWA Paris Vice President - Anne Vincent Account Management - Laure Lagarde Account Management - Isabelle Dray Clients - Bertin Leblanc, Arnaud Humblot Creative Director - Philippe Taroux Creative Director - Benoit Leroux Art Director - Ingrid Varetz Head of TV - Maxime Boiron Agency Producer - Amer Zoghbi Production Company - Co-Producer - One More Director - Onur Senturk Producer - James Hagger Production Manager - Aurelie Chevalier Production Manager - Cecile Alvarez Production Assistant - Charles-Philippe Bowles 1st Assistant Director - Thomas Bidart Motion Capture - Mocaplab Motion Capture Shoot Director - Remi Brun Motion Capture Supervisor - Frank Vayssettes Motion Capture Editor - Charles Fourgeront Motion Capture Assistant - Ahmed Turki Motion Capture Actor (Hero) - Romain Ogerau Motion Capture Actor - Franck Pech Motion Capture Actor - Charles Lelaure Post-Production - One More Post Producer - Benjamin Darras Art Director - Johnny Alves Post Production Coordinator - John Meunier VFX Supervisor - Eddy Richard 3D Artist - Francois-Xavier Gonnet Modelling, Setup - Gwenhael Glon Layout - Romain Durr Animation - Jérémie Vidal Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Jérome Rouvelet Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Thomas Rodriguez Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Tim Lebon Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Victor Besse R&D Supervisor - Alain Xerri Editor - Nicolas Larrouquere Additional Editing - Romain Bouileau Flame Operator - Hervé Thouement Music - Paolo Nutini, Dave Nelson & Charlie Chaplin Music Art Direction - Philippe Mineur, Ferdinand Huet Sound Producer - Benoit Dunaigre Head of Music & Sound - Olivier Lefebvre