Amnesty International - Signature - (2008) 3:03 (France)


Amnesty International - Signature - (2008) 3:03 (France)

TBWA Paris are back for Amnesty International with a vengeance - after the maybe/probably never approved bronze Lion winning campaign - this poignant animated short sells your signature really well. I particularly like that the victims have no mouths, and symbolically can not speak for themselves.

Erik Vervroegen, Creative Director
Stèphanie Thomasson, Art Director
Stèphane Gaubert, Copywriter
Maxime Boiron, Agency Producer
Director: Etienne Constantinesco
Production Company: La Pac



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They've done a similar short

They've done a similar short film before:

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Still really nice. Not sure

Still really nice. Not sure which animation I prefer, but I really like how the blue ink looks so.. watery?

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Same here, they both have

Same here, they both have their merits, but I agree the blue ink is great.

When I see these two executions I wonder whether the Olympic ads came out of the same agency! Although art direction on all these campaigns is spot on, the photographic print work seems to jar a little with these beautifully-illustrated spots.

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Renegade creative team

Renegade creative team perhaps? The look really doesn't match.

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