Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle


Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle

Angry Birds has an update with the extra fun silver bullet which clears all levels. The mighty eagle. Toss a can of sardines anywhere, and the big birds swoops down to get it, clearing anything its path.

This is the animation announcing their new pal.

Animation: Kombo



I loved that. Is that a video game? Reminds me of Happy Tree Friends which if you haven't seen you need to check out. One of my top 5 animated shorts series.

Smartphone game: iPhone & Android AFAIK. Actually I haven't seen my iPhone this afternoon as I showed my daughter this and she promptly kidnapped my phone to play angry birds.

downloading the beta now for Android. But says AngryBirds Lite. There is no full version in the market that I can see. Love the spot!

Love this game. Handy for; standing in lines, hurry up and wait at DMV or doctor. Also replaces the book in modern water closets. The full version is running on my G2. Cool ad.

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