Anheuser Busch - Spuds in Control 1 (1989) - 0:15 (USA)




Anheuser Busch - Spuds in Control 1 (1989) - 0:15 (USA)


When did Spuds die?

Spuds MacKenzie's real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye and on top of that, was she. She died of kidney failure on May 31, 1993. However, she was the big hit of super bowl ads 1987 so that's not too bad of a life for a canine even if it doesn't really involve bikini-clad party girls throwing themselves at you for real.

Honey Tree was known as "Easy," and she was really an incredible dog.  I worked at D'Arcy from '83 through the B&B merger in '85, until I left for love and greener pastures in '87.  I didn't work on Bud Light, but I attended many "Spuds" events, and it was amazing what they could get that dog to do.  The tales of that dog being able to "work a room" are no urban myth.  She had everyone eating out of her paw.  

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