This commercial features a stylized match between two top world ranked female tennis players. It was shot on two continents; in Malaga, Spain where Jelena Jancovic was playing in a tournament and Beijing, China where Zheng Jie was busy training. In Shanghai Andy McGraw from Cut+Run then united the players via the magic of editing, with post and effects created and applied in Hong Kong.

Agency: JWT Shanghai ECD: Yang Yeo CDs: Elvis Chau / Raymond Chin / Rojana Chasakul CWs: Raymond Chin / Margin Ma ADs: Elvis Chau / Rojana Chasakul / David Mo / Lu Nan TV Producer: Jane Zhang Prod Co: HANraHAN / New Life Films Director: David Edwards Producer: Swifty Hanrahan DP: Stuart Graham Editing House: Cut + Run Editor: Andy McGraw Post: Pixel Box Hong Kong

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