DDB New York, the Ad Council drop this effort with Bully director Lee Hirsch, encouraging parents to teach their kids not to just sit back and ignore the problem when they see it happen.

Parents and kids are encouraged to go to stopbullying.gov for more information.

I appreciate the message, because bullying is one of those things we've all experienced to one degree or another. The result of this PSA shows how difficult it is to capture the experience authentically.

While the film is meant to be provocative, it falls short for a few reasons. The first, of course is that it's meant for TV, so the actual words kids would be using are verboten. The handheld/steadicam technique doesn't add to the uncomfortableness so much as scream "you are watching a commercial." And while the kids try their best it feels sanitized and overacted.

Hopefully it'll get the parents to take notice. The truth is, the effects of bullying or children are at one less staged and far more harrowing than this. See Amanda Todd for reference.

The campaign also includes print, which does a better job of depicting the voice of a bully in a headline than in in the spot.

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