TBWA decided to get some kids to do chores and then pay the girls less than the boys to both prove the gender wage gap and also enable it and perhaps make a comment on child labor laws. I kid! Kind of.
This is the second ad I've posted today with that premise, although the other didn't use kids. Apparently from Australia to France, this is a systemic issue.

According to Workplace Gender Equality, a division of the Australian government, just released a factsheet 18 weeks paid leave where as men are only eligible for two weeks.

In other words, it's a bit more complicated than a soundbite and it's something that kids would have a hard time understanding, like most adults. As unfair as the world is, it's generally not due to one thing. Either way, I guess we've gone from Dadvertising to Equalpay For Womenvertising as the cause du jour. Advertising tends to work in patterns, you see.

Client: ANZ
Creative: Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne

Executive Creative Director - Paul Reardon
Creative Director - Tara Ford
Senior Creatives - Rob Hibbert, Mark Jones, Chrissy Chrzan
Agency & Film Producer - Janine Wertheim

Director - Celeste Geer
DOP - Katie Milwright
Editor - Tabata Picinelli
Colorist - Martin Greer
Sound - Phil Kenihan (Front of House)

Regional Group Head - Ricci Meldrum
Senior Account Director - Stephanie Luxmoore
Account Executive - Todd McLerie
Planning Director - Kees Kalk
Digital Planner - Harry Steinhart
Media - PHD
PR - Haystac


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    The girl in the blue shirt has the most hurt look on her face.

    Mar 08, 2016

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