The ghost of Steve Jobs is all over this one, espousing the same philosophy that captured the cult all those years ago. but since the cult has moved on to android and Samsung phones are outselling iPhones in a big way, Apple needs to be relevant and not sound dated. So they balanced out their philosophy of their turtlenecked guru with some sort of new relevancy: Designed by Apple in California.

I sure hope that isn't merely a tricky way of saying "We thought of it here, even though we still outsource the actual production to China."

Client: Apple Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab CCO: Duncan Milner ECD: Eric Grunbaum GCD: Chris Ribeiro, Drew Stalker ACD/AD: Zamir Antonio, Melinda Keough, Niraj Zaveri ACD/CW: Kevin Butler, Brooks Jackson AD: Joe Fotheringham CW: Rob Goldenberg Executive Producer: Mike Refuerzo Agency Producers: Hank Zakroff, Mallory Gordon, Tessa Kocourek, Woody Smith Production Co: Radical Films Director: Derek Cianfrance DP: Matthew Libatique Editorial Company: Nomad Editing Company, Inc. Editor: Jared Coller, Billy Sacdalan , Tom Muldoon Post Co: Company 3 Lead Smoke Artist: Brian Robinson Lead Flame Artist: Glenn Bennett Colorist: Tom Poole

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