In an unusually humoristic clip, for Apple, the brand envisions a world without apps. The Appocalypse. The new guy has been relegated to sit in the server room and unplugs the entire world. We then see how people all over the world begin swearing at their phones as they're wiped of all apps. Helpless without their yelps, Waze, navigation and whatnot civilisation breaks down. At some point, as all the cars crashed into each other, I wondered if the Android users were carrying on their merry way. In the app-less mad max future a black market of real world apps appears, with llamas in Farmville and a table where you can crush candies with a hammer. People face-swap at the plastic surgeon. Hunks pose in Tinder and a horse-drawn junk-car is "looking for Brian" as they are the new Lyft. While it's all rather amusing, it's also kind of pointless. I have a OnePlus android, Apple, what are you trying to tell me? Oh, that's right "keep making apps, the world depends on you" - welcome to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017. Perhaps your app will be the next global success.

Client: Apple
Song: “All Right” by Christopher Cross