Aquafina - Dirty Fruiting - (2005) 0:30 (USA)


Aquafina - Dirty Fruiting - (2005) 0:30 (USA)


Hysterically funny, and beautifully produced. Nice ending tagline as well.

But why is the dancing framed as a play with a retro title card? (Reminds me of the time someone wanted to add an applause track! to one of my TV spots. Oww.)

Does it really need that frame?

I think the theatre-look and title-card is a good way to solve it, I mean the ad gets funnier whe you know that it's called "Dirty Fruiting", so it was either this (which makes sense when the whole ad is a bad play) or a Super (which would make less sense). Good Art Direction, I say. :)

The entire campaign is framed this way. I think part of it is also to make sure the audience "gets it", just in case people aren't totally paying attention...which is common with ads (well, except for us adgrunts!). I think it works's not too overbearing or anything and is pretty seamless with the spots.

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