Ardbeg "Hot rod Tractor" (2013) 2:00 (UK)


Ardbeg "Hot rod Tractor" (2013) 2:00 (UK)

The Scotland agency Story are insane. I'll just say it. They cooked up a nutty idea to outfit a tractor with a dragster engine, to advertise Ardbeg Whisky. And then they raced an F1 with it.

Putting aside the whole "why advertise a whisky brand by showing someone operating heavy machinery" conundrum, I kind of want to see this tractor. Scratch that: I kind of want to own it.

Seems like its tried to do some traveling event, and that's great, whatever. Just give me the tractor when you're done with it. I want to show up to work in that. Better yet, I want to drive around hippy dippy Los Angeles and scare the "locavore" people.

Yeah, your fiddlehead ferns and heirloom tomatoes were plowed down and brought to Whole Foods by this, bitches. What are you gonna do about it?!



Never had Ardbeg, just like to frequent a restaurant in Stockholm named after it which has amazing whisky, beers and sausages. I see now that I will have to try this at some point, if only to sponsor their badass ads.

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