Arnold NYC - Wall MURAL 7-22-13 / 205 Hudson time-lapse - (2013)

Arnold NYC have perked up their offices with this "Indoor Graffiti Mural", a big blast of colorful street art created by CD Nate Guillard, and meant to inspire the Arnold folk because... wait for it.. "it is not uncommon to spend long hours at the office". Aaah advertising, you never let us down with the 24/7 hours as if we were curing cancer (clue-by-four - even cancer researchers actually go home at night), but heey on the upside we get cool walls at the office instead of your usual bland cubicle. In the history of funky murals at agencies, they don't fare well when new agencies move into the space - remember when Springer&Jacobi painted over 180s street art mural? Yeah.

The inspiration for artist and Arnoldnyc creative director Nate Guillard's mural is simple: working together is fun. The plan was initially hatched when Arnold's New York office moved into its new open space in an historic printing house at 205 Hudson. The space is vast and bright, and the walls were intentionally left blank to allow staff to live in the space before being asked to use the bare canvas to express who they are.

Nate was asked to create a mural in the creative department space that would bring joy, color and inspiration to the creative department and the entire Arnoldnyc office. Because it is not uncommon to spend long hours at the office, it needed to be a "cool and happy place" to be. Nate is at his most happy when he is making art, and color makes him smile, so those were the more obvious things that inspired his mural. In addition, Nate's love 15-year love affaire with graffiti and street art in general gave him the inspiration to create the fun, colorful and graffiti-esque characters seen in the completed installation. An Art Director by trade, Nate's personal work allows him to expand his talent beyond what might normally fly in the world of advertising. It can explore creative communication outside of a print ad, even without words. Colleagues often tell Nate how they identify with the cloud of characters in his mural. And it's just the beginning of the transformation of Arnoldnyc's new space from a blank canvas to an inspirational creative epicenter.

It's looks yummy! I say paint more walls! And make more time-lapse videos of it, like when ad agency Nothing built that cardboard box office .. and uhm, hell, I've done it too.

Agency: Arnoldnyc Artist: Nate Guillard Music: The Blisters Boyz "Be Sexy C'est Francais"
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