ASUS's new ZenFone 3 makes its debut by crowdsourcing people from the street to come up with a movie. It on the same caliber as a Drunken History reenactment meeting a Jimmy Kimmel on the street interview. Or as Dabitch said to me over email: "It's excruciatingly painful and makes no sense, kind of like one of your family members who doesn't work in advertising pitches a 'great idea,' to you."
Pretty much.

Client: ASUS Responsible at ASUS: Anne Yao, Cindy Chang, Erik Hermanson Agency: Superheroes Amsterdam Executive Creative Director: Rogier Vijverberg Creative lead: Elliot Stewart-Franzen Graphic Designer: Krister Lima Agency Producer: Severien Jansen Producer SuperHeroes NY: Abby Casper Account: Severien Jansen & Evelien Schenkkan Production Company: HALAL Directed by: Nils Gerbens D.O.P.: Rutger Storm Producer: Christine Anderton & Sara Nix Art director: Goof Vermeulen Editor: Amber Hooijmans VFX: The Compound Sound design: Hielke Praagman Stylist: Carmen Adriana Lead actors: Matt Rubano & Betsy Kenney