Minneapolis-based hip hop duo Atmosphere has a new album coming out in August called Fishing Blues, which will be their seventh album to date. Unlike previous albums however, this one will feature a bevy of other people including DOOM, Aesop Rock, Kool Keith and more.
Long the stalwarts of intelligent rhymes and great storytelling coming from the POV of the working man just getting by or the seamy side of life, lyricist Slug is hip hop's Raymond Carver. With each new album, his lyrics and themes grow exponentially.

The video's hilarious featuring a drunken thespian dressed as a jester, stumbling on the stage while the director of the play and handlers try in vain to yank him off, and sober him up. At the end, defiant, he goes back on stage while everyone still mocks him. As the press release describes it: "a sharp look at today’s pop culture environment where today’s heroes are tomorrow’s joke."

On "Ringo" the lyrics evoke the schadenfreude when it comes to watching famous people crash and burn. Slug raps from the first person POV on the chorus describing the character's ups and downs. The chorus is vintage Atmosphere--catchy and sardonic: "I might'a showed up when the party start, i mighta got high with your body guard, I mighta passed out at the airport bar, everybody wanna see a falling star. I mighta thrown up in a rental car, I mighta woke up in a reservoir, I mighta got robbed at Mardi Gras, everybody wanna see a falling star."

Pre-order the album here.

Atmosphere/Rhymesayers Entertainment Directed By Kron Produced by Paul Von Stoetzel 1st AD- Nic Murphy Associate Producer- Strummer Cash Editor- Jay Anker Director of Photography - Chris Hadland Camera Operator/Ronin Tech - Tomas Aksamit 1st AC- Chris Savage 1st AC- Brian Suerth 2nd AC- Frederick Veinfurt DIT- Chad Shuenenman Gaffer- Kyle Moe Key Grip- Kool Keith Swing- Alec Zender Grip- Mustafa Hassan Art Director- Cheri Anderson Prop Master- Christopher Jackson Art PA- Joe Olson, Sean Reilly, Heidi Inman Wardrobe by - Barb Portinga Wire Work- Jason Hilton Blood Work- Joe Bloodman Starring Kurt Schweickhart- King/Jester Erin Courteau- Hand of the King Co-Starring Gabe Noah- Director Larissa Gritti- Mistress with baby Abby Fury- Daughter of the court Chris Maddock- Stage Manager Members of the Court M. Allan LaFleur Richard Molby Gregory Parks Denver Kaufman Matt Saxe Mathew Kelly Rob Ward Angela Walberg Lindsay Marshall