Just in time to remind us all about the creepy clowns spotted all over the world, Atomic Candy - the store in Texas - seem to have an explanation for the phenomenon. We open, as usual, in the bathroom as our protagonist applies the last bit of red to his clown makeup. He then creeps around with a baseball bat and opens a shed door in a superbly creepy hand way, and in the shed there is a terrified piñata. That's funny right there. A scared piñata. My only issue is that this is a 30 idea stretched out to a 60. But perhaps Texas ad breaks are a little slower paced than others.

Client - Atomic Candy, Dallas TX Agency - Innocean, Huntington Beach, USA CCO - Eric Springer CD/ Art director - Kiran Koshy Copywriter - Jeff Hodgson ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Director - Kiran DP/Finish - Mike Jensen Camera Assist - Landon Brands Color - Mike Pethel @ Beach House Color LA Editor - Adam Henderson @ PostOp, Dallas TX Sound Design - Michael Anastasi @ Barking Owl Sound LA Music - Dustin Ballard The Clown - Dustin Ballard Makeup - Krystle Starr Props/Art - Justin McCormick