Psyop and BBDO NY have created this fantastic 3D fish-world, where everyone fights over a little glowing ball. This ad is done in 3D and will air in select movie theaters that can handle it in the USA next month.

Am I the only one who sees the glowing balls as the 3G coverage map? AT&T aren't exactly famous for having a lot of that, so the fish are fighting over their little glowing ball, and in the end the lone small fish finds Verizon?

Woah, I need a life.

AT&T - “Whole New World” Agency: BBDO New York Chairman, Chief Creative Officer, North America: David Lubars Copywriter, Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn Executive Creative Director: Ralph Watson Copywriter, Art Director: Matt Vescovo Executive Producer: Elise Greiche-Pavone Assistant Producer: Jennifer Cyrier Executive Music Producer: Melissa Chester Director: Psyop Production Company: Psyop/Smuggler Psyop Creative Director: Eben Mears Psyop Creative Director: Jon Saunders Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo Producer: Nancy Nina Hwang Associate Producer: Sean Sullivan CG: Pakorn Bupphavesa Dave Barrosin Todd Akita Damon Ciarelli Alvin Bae Andy Jones Ciaran Moloney Miguel Salek Ed Manning Jimmy Gass Lee Wolland Rie Ito Tom Cushwa Dan Fine Jae Ham Michael Shin Larry Ruppel Anderson Ko Jason Goodman Xuan Siefert Keith Kim Composting: Jason Conradt Borja Pena Nick Tanner Gabriel Regentin Julian Ford Jeen Lee Fred Kim Design: Jon Saunders Ben Chan Daphne Yap Gordon Waltho Lutz Vogel Scott Brisbane Music Company: Emoto, Los Angeles Music composer: John Adair