This big old celebrity laden spot features lots of celebrities reciting lyrics from Queen's"We are the Champions," because one can never have enough borrowed interest. It features Ricky Gervias, celebrity chef David Chang, photojournalist Lynsey Addario, Kristen Schaal, gold medal winning boxer Claressa Shields, street artist Cyrcle, and inner city church choice Voices of Destiny.

Oh, and the Audi A3.

Here's my imaginary conversation between the creative team who came up with this.

Creative 1: Audi A3 refuses to compromise." What the fuck does that even mean? How can an inanimate object refuse to compromise, let alone refuse anything? It's fucking sheet metal. God I hate these fucking planners and their stupid words.

Creative 2: Yeah and you know they'll kill it unless we put the word "compromise," in it, in one form or another.

Creative 1: Fucking planners. Wannabe creatives. They should just go client side and make our job even harder.

Creative 2: We've been complaining about this for days, let's just try and see if we can take this shit brief and do something decent.

Creative 1: Okay, okay. The car refuses to compromise. Well...lots of people refuse to compromise, too."

Creative 2: People like...?

Creative 1: Ricky Gervais. Did you see when he hosted the Oscars?

Creative 2: That's great. Who else can we get to star in this spot?

Creative 1: I had dinner at Momofuku the other day. What about David Chang?

Creative 2: Perfect. Let's come up with six more celebrities. No wait--twelve more celebrities. Then we can shoot extensions featuring every celebrity in here. You know why?

Creative 1: Because we refuse to compromise. Especially on a silly little thing like a budget.

Creative 2: good one. How do weget the car in it?

Creative 1: Same as we always do. Put one of the celebrities in the car.

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners Client: Audi