Here's a case study for Audi Sweden that encouraged people to get outside Stockholm and post photos of something other than their food and feet. The result was a lot more photos of Sweden outside the major cities. And one lucky person won an Audi.

Agency: Åkestam Holst Andreas Ullenius – Creative Director Michal Sitkiewicz – Art Director Eva Wallmark – Art Director Rickard Beskow – Copywriter Tom Hedström – Business Director Johan Eklund – Producer Jennie Strinnhed & Mirja Hjelm – Account Manager Jerker Winter – Planner Kalle Peterz – Web Developer Nisse Axman – Motion Director Eric Karlsson – Motion Designer Torbjörn Krantz – Graphic Designer Production companies Photo & Film – C2 with photographer Petrus Olsson. Web production – More

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