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Audi - Chase / Decade Jump - (2009) :90 (USA)


Audi - Chase / Decade Jump - (2009) :90 (USA)

Action and classic (competing!) brands in this one - love that.




This was rather ballsy, showing other cars cars like the 79 Firebird and the period looks are spot on. The usual car ads with watching a sleek shiny machine drive fast through tunnels gets boring without a story, this however was entertaining as hell.

Very sly pegging of the other car brands, his reaction at the nineties Saturn was perfect. (That was a Saturn, right?)

Actually, I believe it was an early Lexus, with the two tone paint job (white on top, darker on the bottom). .

I think you're right (as usual) and it's Lexus.

yea good one.

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