The young man is hesitant. Why go to the prom alone? His mother reassures him. As he heads toward the door, apprehensive and discouraged, his father tosses him the keys to an all-new 2013 Audi S6. And then...

Because you see, once you have the right car, you have all the confidence in the world. Even if it gets you a black eye in the end. Audi is bravery-steroids. ANd with all the gusto you can force-kiss any girl without her consent. How Alpha.

And because no super bowl spot can be without a hashtag these days, this one has #braverywins. But #nobodycares.

The spot features the upcoming single "Can't Win Em All" by Hanni El Khatib, from his highly anticipated second album, Head in the Dirt, out April 30, 2013. The album is produced by Dan Auerbach. .

CLIENT NAME: Audi BRAND: Audi SPOT NAME: Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial- Prom LAUNCH DATE: 2/4/13 AGENCY:  Venables Bell & Partners EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Paul Venables and Will McGinness CREATIVE DIRECTOR:  Erich Pfeifer and Tyler Hampton ART DIRECTOR: Matt Miller COPYWRITER: Matt Keats DIRECTOR OF INTEGRATED PRODUCTION: Craig Allen AGENCY PRODUCER: Mandi Holdorf BUSINESS LEADER: Colleen McGee ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR: Shannon Brewer PRODUCTION COMPANY: Smuggler  DIRECTOR: The Guard Brothers DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Joost Van Gelder MANAGING PARTNERS: Brian Carmody and Patrick Milling Smith  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Allison Kunzman  LINE PRODUCER: Pete Vitale EDITING COMPANY: Cut & Run EDITOR: Steve Gandolfi  SOUND DESIGN: Stimmung SOUND DESIGNERS: Gus Koven MUSIC: Hanni El Khatib “Can’t Win Em All” MIX: John Bolan @ Play Studios