In Sweden Axe has just launched the Axe Anarchy product pairing, you know the scent that causes instant attraction between those of the opposite sex. This stuff is so powerful it'll make cops and robbers love each other. In this clip we see a movie-host (or in this case, hostess) who bids the audience welcome to the premiere of Men In Black III. AS she is talking she announces that there's a "makeout epidemic" in Sweden, and hopes the people in the comfy seats in the back will take good advantage of the dark. Suddenly someone in the audience calls her fine! and sprays Axe all over himself. Of course she has to run to him and rip her shirt off so they can maximize their makeout session. Not at all predictable after he setup chat about the "epidemic". Nope. Still, the audience seem really amused, and I'm sure most of them agree that she be a fine girl.

Ad agency: BSP Marketing