Axe - Ejects - (2008) :60 (Argentina)


Axe - Ejects - (2008) :60 (Argentina)

Right, so we all know that Axe / Lynx attract horny females to the extent that you have to swat them off with sticks... Now apparently, they've invented an Axe that ejects any girls who don't fall in to the category of perfect, also known in the medical community as lobotomized. Any lady with keen observational skills that concludes "he can't dance" is ejected and goes fly flying away. Yeah that's not at all offensive. Perhaps the funny is lost in the translation.

Agency: VegaOlmosPonce, Buenos Aires.
Rafael D'Alvia, Creative Director
Sebastián Stagno, Creative Director
Hernán Ponce, Creative Director
Matias Corbelle, Copywriter
Diego Sanchez, Art Director
Facundo Romero, Art Director
Jose Silva, Agency Producer
Director : Lynn Fox
Prod. Co.:Blink

DP: Ian Foster
Executive Producer: Pia Suarezi
Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Post-Production: The Mill, London

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oy vey.

It's not good. But I'm intrigued - is there any evidence at all to show that Axe attracts women? Even a bit?

Sweet smells better than sweat, I guess but I can't say I ever ravaged an Axe-wearing man.

I dunno. I'd rather have the smell of fresh sweat than a noseful of dodgy deodorant. It's deodorant, for God's sake – they all smell like toilet cleaner.

I concur.

Also, there is a piece missing in the translation "Now with more yes" indicates that all the girls lines were "no" - that's just not clear in English. Though, I don't know if it makes sense anyway.

Yes, it's not at all clear. And the implication by the 'ejection' is that if women don't like you, they're just plain wrong - so why do you need Axe to change their minds?

What's really off here (axe-strategy wise that is) is that Axe isn't changing their minds.

Ah, we've come a long long way since the brilliance of Paid Pipers Revenge haven't we?

I liked the last lady flying away "He is my cousin!". Sounds like a mostly good reason to NOT hook-up with him (except maybe in the back-woods areas).


The whole thing is sexist though

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