Axe - Limo (star attraction) - (2009) :30 (Argentina)


Axe - Limo (star attraction) - (2009) :30 (Argentina)

Axe is clearly powerful stuff. Now it doesn't just attract beautiful women, it works in a super-magnetic way, yanking them and bits of their gold-limo all the way over to your house. careful where you point that can now, yahear. From Ponce Buenos Aires and Rebolucion.

Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Production Company: Rebolucion, Buenos Aires
Director : Armando Bo
Javier Julia (DoP)
Hernan Ibarra, Walter Aregger, Hernan Ponce (Creative Director)
Hernan Cerdeiro (Art Director)
Ariel Serkin (Copywriter)
Roberto Carsillo (Agency Executive Producer)
Selva Dinelli (Agency Producer)
Patricio Alvarez Casado (Executive Producer)
Axel Linari (Producer)
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