AXE "You need us more than ever" (2014) 1:20 (Puerto Rico)


AXE "You need us more than ever" (2014) 1:20 (Puerto Rico)

While the dudes are excited to watch the World Cup, the ladies are excited to watch the dudes play. Knowing that the sexy level has been raised this time of year, it's up to the spectator bros to step up their game. This presumably is done by spraying AXE all over the place, until the ladies are overcome with desire and/or pass out from the fumes.

Quite the timely idea from DDB Puerto Rico.

Agency: DDB Latina Puerto Rico
Client: Unilever
Chief Creative Officer: Kike Renta
Creative Directors: Jenny López, Jose M. Rivera
Art Directors: Jose M. Rivera, Jesse Echevarría
Copywriter: Jenny López
Account Supervisor: Edgardo M. Rivera
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Angel J. Rivera
Account Manager: Tangie Sobrino
Planner: José R. González
Content Manager: Sugeiny Tirado

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