QuietMan recently flexed its concept-to-completion bona fides with an animated/live-action hybrid spot promoting The Topps Company's Baby Bottle Pops candy. The studio handled every visual element of the campaign, cranking out the live-action footage through their QuietContent division and handling the edit, postproduction and animation through their main studio.

The fast-paced spot features a trio of middle school-aged children who, in a cloud of glitter and smoke, transform into animated avatars after taking a dip from their Baby Bottle Pops. QuietMan's engagement went so far as casting and wardrobing the actors, creating custom avatars for each actor in CG and directing their performances with the in-house motion capture system.

"Plenty of studios can handle multiple areas of production, but being able to shoot both live action and direct live animation is special," stated Partner and Executive Producer Carey Gattyan. "Add that with our edit and post capabilities, and there really isn't anything we can't handle. This gives us a unique advantage with children's products, especially, which often require some combination of reality and cartoon fantasy to appeal to kids' rapidly changing sense of place in the world."

Client: The Topps Company Spot Title: How Do You Dip? Air Date: April 2012 Agency: UPROAR! CD: Michael Anderson ACD: Steven Block Copywriter: Talia Rapp AD: Javier Chacin Producer: Nina Davenport Production Co: QuietContent Director: Johnnie Semerad EP(s): Carey Gattyan, Bob Nelson Producer: Brian Yeater Post/Effects: QuietMan

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