In this spot, a very excited couple humblebrag their experience buying a Bang and Olufsen TV. And I mean the entire experience, from carrying it up the stairs to play acting that they have an exciting life instead of being a couple with kids who never leave their place. Favorite part is when the guy puts the TV outside on the balcony with a bunch of champagne bottles and shares it on social with a "whoa, how did the TV get out here?" I would like to believe there's some hidden meaning about how spending this much time on social media destroys our sense of reality and that watching TV is actually less detrimental.

Agency: Robert/Boisen & LikeMinded With special thanks to: Søren Christensen, Heinrich Vejlgaard, René Kammersgaard & Gitte Andersen. Strategist: Søren Christensen Creative Director: Heinrich Vejlgaard Art Director: René Kammersgaard Account Manager: Gitte Andersen Production company: Gobsmack Productions Director: Christian Eaglecastle
 Producer: Filippa Borg von Bülow
 Photo: Snorre Ruhe
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