Two new commercials for BankPlus, directed by Accomplice Media’s John Bonito, imagines what Eli Manning’s life might have been like had he never played football. Manning plays the star of a barnstorming dodge ball team who attacks the game with the same verve and arm strength that the real Eli brings to the gridiron. He may not make millions, but BankPlus treats him like a Super Bowl champ.

Client: BankPlus. Rob Amour, EVP Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer; Courtney Shaw, Assistant VP-Marketing; Kristin Allen, VP-Brand and Public Relations. Agency: The Ramey Agency, Jackson, Mississippi. Bob Potesky, Executive Creative Director; Wes Williams, Creative Director; Wynn Saggus, Group Account Director; Jana Brady , Account Executive. Production: Accomplice Media, Los Angeles. John Bonito, Director; Mel Gragido, Executive Producer; Stoeps Langensteiner, Director of Photography. Edtiorial: Stitch, Los Angeles. Tad Fatum, Editor; Sarah Schachte, Producer; Stacey Altman, Executive Producer.