Every day thousands of children in Bahrain travel to school on buses. Unfortunately, the monitoring systems are out of date, and so many go missing or are left on the buses when the shift is over, resulting in death. Batelco, Bahrain's largest telecommunications provider, wanted to do something about it. So they created smart buses. Ones with solar powered 4G network (courtesy of Batelco, of course) as well as GPS tracking, sound sensors to detect when a child is in distress, cameras, temperature control and more. The bus will even send notifications to parents if its delayed. It is the hope that this technology will be used across the middle east to spare more children a tragic fate.
This project was done in conjunction with both FP7 Bahrain and FP7 Dubai, both part of McCann Worldgroup. Also, this is the first campaign we've ever received. Welcome to Adland!

Client: Batelco Agency: FP7/BAH (A part of McCann Worldgroup) & FP7/DXB (A part of McCann Worldgroup) Team: Abdulla Abuidrees - Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, Batelco Tarek Miknas – CEO, FP7 Amit Kapoor – Creative Director, FP7 Tahaab Rais – Regional Head of Strategic Planning, FP7 John Fayek – Art Director, FP7 Mohamed Sabra – Senior Account Director, FP7 Salwa Sayed – Account Executive, FP7 Talking Pictures - Production