Bavaria - Charlie Sheen is reborn - (2012) :30 (The Netherlands)


Bavaria - Charlie Sheen is reborn - (2012) :30 (The Netherlands)

Charlie Sheen is reborn - we all know he'll be doing this ad-acting tour until we're out of #winning jokes. In this ad, which ends with the line "Zo" from "zo, nu eerst een Bavaria" the line that has been going for so many years and can be translated to "There, now we can have a Bavaria," Charlie really deserves a beer at the end.

See he checks out of the "California Rehab Clinic" with a cheery "lets not have a drink sometime" (har har) and then as he drives home he sees everyone who shouldn't be having beer, having a beer.

It's no Alles onder Controle, but what the hey.


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