RKCR/Y&R gang up with director James Rouse to create a mashup with BBC 2 to show they offer "Amazing music played by an amazing lineup."

"We had to work within incredibly tight shooting schedules," recalls Rouse, "which, I believe, assisted in the creation of a manic mood onscreen. Jonathan Ross brought a load of his own Japanese toys into set which was great fun, ending up being rather taken with a glowing monocopter, which he tries to master on camera." Rouse notes that Chris Evans got quite involved in the whole process, "even calling a meeting a few days before the shoot to see what he and his team could add to the day. And it is worth noting that he plays a mean Air Guitar." During his short time shooting Russell Brand, says Rouse, "he was almost constantly rearranging himself. This was likely a function of his skin tight black trousers...at least that«s what I told myself was the reason."

Agency: RKCR/Y&R
Creative: Paul Angus/Ted Heath

Production Company: Red Bee Media : BBC In-House Production
Director: James Rouse : represented by Outsider in the US and UK
DOP: Denzel Brown

Editor: Owen Oppenheimer

Music: Factory Studios
Music Mix: Anthony Moore/Ben Firth,Ted Heath/Paul Angus