BBH Graduate Recruitment - When I Grow Up (2007) 1:45 (UK)


BBH Graduate Recruitment - When I Grow Up (2007) 1:45 (UK)

When a young ones dream of becoming a Creative, he dreams of meeting a famous footballer who says he "likes my work", a shoot with a farting chimpmunk, and Lynx babes to jump up and down so he can evaluate their acting skills.

It«s fun, but shame it«s so male-centric.

Agency: BBH, London
Creative: Gary McCreadie
Creative: Wesley Hawes
Creative Directors: Matt Waller & Dave Monk
Agency Producer: Sam Robinson

Production Company: Pink Film Company, London
Director: Karen Cunningham
Producer: Jeremy Barnes
Lighting Cameraman: Richard Mott
Editor: Leo King



That is just part of the truth in advertising, where little girls dream of being his girlfriend instead of working at BBH as his fucking boss. ;)

It's funny as hell! No girls in my treehouse!

Exactly like BBH, full of red headed wankers with fugly four eyed girlfriends. (too easy)

hahaha, ouch man.

It's funny because it's true!

Fine acting, scripting and true insight.


Not the only boss thought on this one: see agencyspy who says pretty much the same thing.

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