This guy banks just like me! He has a long distance relationship and meets his bank only through the cash machines. This might sound like a boring premise for an ad but GSD&M Idea City called on Identity and director Laurent Chanez to tell the story - the end result is fast paced cuts of every day life, love meetings, and the quirky addition of a car that sounds thirsty, nice touch.

Agency: GSD&M Idea City
Production Company: Identity
Director: Laurent Chanez

Group CD: Brent Ladd
AD: Joel Williams
CD/Copywriter: Allen Hannawell
Executive Producer: Karen Jacobs
Producer: Kris Roberts
Art Buyer: Merna Blackwell
Account Service: Jonathan Silverstein, Shannon Lugo
Marketplace Planning: Rene Huey-Lipton

Prod Company: Identity
Director: Laurent Chanez
DP: Jeff Venditti
EP: Joe Masi
Head of Production: Alana Hall
Line Producer: Natalie Hill

Editorial: Spotwelders
Editor: Michael Heldman
EP: David Glean
Producer: Shadi Shariatzadeh

Music: Mutato Muzika
Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh
Sound Designers: Robert Miltenberg, Albert Fox

Shoot Location: New York, NY


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