BCAA - Supers 1-2-3 - (2011) (Canada)


BCAA - Supers 1-2-3 - (2011) (Canada)

Scott Corbett and Rethink Vancouver capture this young drivers unfortunate predicament. Good thing BCAA has you covered from the road to the home.

BCAA Credits
Title: “1-2-3 Supers” :30 tv

Agency: Rethink Vancouver
Partner / Co Creative Director: Chris Staples
Partner / Co Creative Director: Ian Grais
Partner / Managing Director: Tom Shepansky
Partner / Creative Director: Rob Tarry
Art Director: Carson Ting
Copywriter: Justin Li
Agency Producer: Ann Rubenstein
Account Manger: Annabelle Colhoun

Production Company: Holiday Films
Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata, Derek Sewell
Director: Scott Corbett
DOP: Rhet Bear
Producer: George Johnson
Offline Editorial: Cycle Media
Editor: Matthew Griffiths
Music | Sound
Music Production: Koko Productions & Sound Studios
Executive Producer: Steve Lowe
Transfer: Technicolor



The actors in BCAA Big Truck commercial were well chosen. They represent the typical people living in B.C. who would find themselves in this situation.

Excellent acting by the 3 actors portraying the teen, and the couple living in their pristine house and lawn.

Funniest commercial I've seen in a longtime.

Commercials like BCAA BIG TRUCK are more interesting to watch than the tv program. D.N.

I love this commercial!! It's funny, lol.

this commercial is backwards!

Another humorous effective commercial for bcaa

this commercial is hilarious!

I love the commercial !!!

So many anons commenting on this it's starting to look odd.

Funny and makes a point too. Good actors.

Yes, Neo it doesn't take a genius , or root access, to find the comments odd here. I'd like to remind persons using Shaw Communications that I can see everyones IP number.

Ha ha ha. Busted. Same person made all the comments?

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