The "Beat Bullying" group who are set to march against Bullying tomorrow June 11, in order to get attention and petition the European Commission to make bullying illegal. M&C Saatchi in London lent a hand by making this video, showing a young girl getting ready for school in the morning all the while receiving abusive texts. Each one leaves a mark on her face, as if from a slap or a punch. The camerawork is a seamless walk through her routine, though every time we catch a glimpse of her face she has a new bruise. Nicely done.

The idea is that sticks and stones and words too hurt. And they do. Unlike the mean words ad from "Friends" which communicated the same thought, but with the hopeful ending to announce that "Friends" could come to your school and educate kids about bullying and give them the tools to help fight it, this ad has a different goal. Get everyone marching the 11th June, which is tomorrow.

The visual storytelling, of bruises that appear as the morning carries on remind me a little of "It rarely stops" and "cyberbullying hurts" which I Badlanded for being so similar. They were probably not the first to show abuse in this fashion either, but are well executed examples.

Brand: Beat Bullying Agency: M&C Saatchi London Creative Director: Jason Lawes & Mark Goodwin Creative Team: Nathalie Gordon & Daniel Harris Director: Tom Murray Post Production: Gramercy Park Studio Sound Production: Jungle

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