I keep looking at this spot and thinking-- surely they know that sapphire most commonly comes in blue, right? And yet the whole spot they are showing the red glowing gem of a label. And what the hell is the point of the fish? And singing "No Diggity," via Chet Faker no less?

You know what? Don't answer.

I'm afraid there will be some bullshit articulation to justify this wankery. Perhaps with a rationale or a long-winded manifesto that tries to justify this forgettable spot. Actually it feels worse. It feels like a marketing ploy for a new strain of hop that somehow is supposed to sound more intriguing/elegant/refined than the swill you're used to drinking. Sure. Just like Corinthian Leather was a distinction.

C'mon Becks. Your best work was when you made fun of their Germaness. At least it had personality then.

Do us a favor and get off your red high horse. I mean fish.

Client: Becks Agency: Mother London