Faceless dummies have been placed around Greater Cleveland, wearing hoodies with messages sharing the reason behind their homelessness. As people stop to look they can see the message. Adding to it a lady with a bullhorn arrives, stating that "Take a closer look at youth homelessness, because many times homelessness isn't a choice." While that phrasing suggests that there's times that homelessness is a choice, the sweaters do a better job at explaining why these kids are on the street. "My mom's boyfriend hurts me", "My dad kicked me out because I'm gay" and "I'm missing and my parents don't care". www.saveclekids.org has a hotline number to call, 24/7 at 216-570-8010 if you or someone you know needs help. Bellefaire JCB "hopes to spearhead the effort to end youth homelessness throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond!" and I wish them luck with that. The ad isn't as hard-hitting as it could have been though, I guess I'm a little tired of stunts that use peoples altruism to deliver the message, though in this case it's less misplaced than if it was for some kind of computer game.

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